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Wessex Nordic Walking was started by Ashley Sandy in 2015. Since then she has been running Nordic walking lessons, classes and adventure walks in the beautiful countryside around the market towns of Marlborough, Pewsey and Hungerford in North Wiltshire and West Berkshire. Ashley is assisted by walk guides Bev Hams (Pewsey), Helen Williams (Swindon) & Sally Hughes (Newbury).

Every week our groups enjoy short and fast walks in Savernake Forest or at historical sites such as Avebury as well as regular longer adventure walks to explore the fabulous scenery of North Wessex including the Ridgeway, the Downs and all of the nine White Horses of Wiltshire. 

Across the Pewsey Vale

Ancient Sarsens on Fyfield Downs

The groups often enjoy a celebratory coffee after the walk in the many lovely cafes around the area.

Members of the group have undertaken local challenge walks too from improving speed and techniques at our local Parkruns, sponsored walking challenges for local charities as well as longer challenges such as the Sarsen Trail from Avebury to Stonehenge.

In 2020 we became WALX Wessex and now offer more types of walks and chances to enjoy this beautiful area. We offer:

  • Nordic Walx – we also offer Learn the Power of the poles to master the technique)
  • Total Body Walx (fast and furious sessions using poles, bands and Smoveys)
  • Wellness Walx (including mindfulness, Tai Chi Movements for Well Being & a more gentle pace)
  • our favourite Explorer Walx some of which are now open to non-polers.

Annie Bodenham (WALX Guide Marlborough)

Annie Bodenham has been a regular walker since 2016 when she moved to the area from London. She has got to know the area really well and since lockdown has worked on her routes and now has a great repertoire of walks local to Marlborough. Annie was a primary school teacher for many years and is a great guide who will make you feel welcome and included and always makes her walks fun and social.

Annie joins many of our Marlborough walks and helps me managing large group walks as well as running some of her own walks and covering for me when I am away.

Donna Byatt (WALX Guide Avebury)

Donna Byatt has been a nordic walker for many years and as well as being a WALX guide also runs her fabulous shop  Elements of Avebury

Donna knows Avebury landscapes, history and myths really well and leads walks mostly in this area. She takes you on a journey around the ancient and mystical parts of Avebury as well as making sure you are safe and well on your walks.

Join Donna on Thursday evenings or mornings to experience her special place. Donna also covers extra walks for me when I am away.

Ashley Sandy (WALX Master)


Ashley Sandy has a passion for the outdoors & has hiked, run and taken many challenges over the years. She learned to nordic walk while living in the Zurich area of Switzerland in 2005-9 & discovered a love of the sport that she has kept up over the last 15 years.

She started Wessex Nordic Walking in 2015 and has shared her love of Nordic Walking and walking in the beautiful North Wessex Downs and the Pewsey Vale with 100’s of people since then. In March 2020 Ashley rebranded to WALX Wessex to expand her offering to all types of walking including wellness walks, fitness walks as well as nordic walks.

Beverley Hams (WALX Guide – Pewsey)

Bev is an avid walker with 2 fabulous dogs, Buster and Milo she is always found walking on Salisbury Plain. Bev started nordic walking in January 2017 and quickly took to the technique to further improve her fitness and speed (she is pretty speedy without the poles too!). With her passion for nordic walking and her local knowledge of lots of walks around the Pewsey and Upavon area it was only a matter of time before Bev joined me as a walk leader. She leads some lovely walks around the Salisbury plain area and some new routes around Pewsey and Woodborough.

When not nordic walking Bev makes fabulous traybake cakes and sells them to order, online and via food festivals. If you want a delicious cake for an occasion then contact Bev at https://www.apieceofcakebybev.net

Sally Hughes (WALX Guide Hungerford)

Sally joined us as a walker in 2018 and has been a regular on lots of our adventure walks every since. Sally volunteers for West Berkshire Wildlife Trust and is a great source of knowledge on local flora and fauna as well as historical facts about our walks.

Sally lives near Hungerford and leads her favourite walks in the West Berkshire Downs as well as covering walks when Ashley isn’t available.


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