Covid 19 and Fresh Air Exercise

We take your health seriously and always have your best interest at heart.

In these difficult times I am having to make decision that WALX Wessex will have to suspend all walks during the current Covid 19 pandemic.

It has been a quite a fast paced moving situation in a chaotic and bizarre week with a lot of mixed messaging. Two things are abundantly clear though – social distancing can’t work in our walking areas where other people are disrespecting the space and the disease is spreading faster.

Our members are part of a wonderful supportive community which has helped make a difference to so many lives. I have built up and run Wessex Nordic Walking for nearly 5 years and have made some amazing friends and I know we will still be that and get back to walking once this is all over.

We still heartily recommend that you try and get out for some fresh air, even if it is to walk around your garden, the block or a local park. Avoid busy times when it is awkward to allow social distancing.

Whether you opt for bone-density-boosting walking or running, or head to a small green patch for some body weight training, or discover the delights of the park bench gym, the variety of exercise you can do outside is probably more than you realise. Changes in terrain, workout surface and even wind resistance can all provide an added challenge to your workout. Boost your vitmain D and endorphins to keep your immune system strong.

Look out for online offerings from me and from Nordic Walking UK. I will also offer some virtual challenges when I’ve had some time to sort that out.

As always, if you do need me to help you through this with either a smile, chat or virtue coffee, just get in touch.

I will write again when the walks are able to safely start again.

Let’s help this beautiful world heal, together.

Updated: March 22, 2020 — 1:21 pm